Credits and biting my tongue!

I recently had a sad and unpleasant interaction with an alleged prospective client, where they implied that one, or some of ( I am unsure) the songs in my Discography were not in fact mixed by me! They had come to this conclusion because they were unable to find a “Mixed By” credit for an unspecified track anywhere online. 

Of course, the whole idea of stealing credits for other people’s work is abhorrent and really rather insulting. Not to mention the practice would be about the most efficient way of committing professional suicide, barring personally insulting all my (wonderful) clients! 

The subject of receiving suitable credits for one’s work is a thorny one these days, and a large reason for me creating this website. Without it my mixing work appears to become very sporadic from 2012! The only guarantee you have of receiving a proper discoverable credit is working on a project that is definitely being physically released (Vinyl/CD etc..). If the track is a download only, or a video soundtrack (like a live show) then the chances of you ever receiving proper credit is currently slim to none. 

The record companies are supposed to inform…. someone…. I don’t actually know who is ultimately responsible, but the end result would be a proper line in Discogs and/or AllMusic. This is rare, and if it does happen it appears to be rather vague. I have two recent credits appear on undated and extremely well hidden! 

So, ultimately; Please! If you wish to verify for yourself that I did mix a particular song, but you cannot find a “mixed by” credit online, just drop me a note. I won’t be offended, and would be happy to assist you. 

Cheers! MRB

Mastering and other thoughts….

I managed to get rid of that annoying double home page. Sorry about that, to anyone that saw it! 

January has been really busy for me. Wooo! Which is nice. I’m also in the process of becoming MFiT registered. What that essentially means is that I will be able to supply “Mastered For iTunes” 24bit masters.

While mastering isn’t my “raison detre”, I do on occasion do that extra last bit of knob twiddling. I will add a new page to the site once I’m fully up and running. Exciting times! 


Spotify embed added

Happy New Year to you trawling bots or the hopelessly lost!

Not much use having nothing to listen to, right? So Spotify embed, which contains about a third of my mixes is now up. Next, I need to try and find an elegant way to embed Youtube links, as that is where you can find the majority of my work…….. MRB

Word press is kinda cool huh? Well I’m simultaneously busy and lazy, so this may never change but we will see I guess.

OK! Website up and running, after way too much messing about. I really have no idea what I’m doing. But why change the habit of a lifetime?
I really need to put up some links to my work. How easy is it to add a bunch of Youtube videos and Spotify links?
Can visitors leave replies? I love talking about audio stuff so “come at me bro!”? Haha, or we could just have a chat about compressors…..MRB